On Maimonides’ 13 Principles Of Faith

Regarding faith, it only temporary, and it will someday be replaced with awareness and confidence in God.  Obviously, you cannot make someone believe in the unseen, yet you can give them hope, nevertheless.

Anyway, Maimonides, from the Middle Ages, was a rabbinical scholar that spoke of allegiance to Judaism.  He stated it was of utmost importance to follow his principles in order to have a place in God’s earth.  Obviously, you don’t need to be concerned about that part too, as was his is theory based on study, and of course, faith.  Yet, it is intriguing to mull over.

One – God exists, and is perfect.  Without God, there is nothing.

That’s true, and without God, there is nothing, as “he” maintains life for all plants, animals and people.

Two – God holds absolute unity.

Maimonides was wrong about having no plural attributes affixed to God.  Yet, God is one and only one.  Does God see “himself” as all-good and all-knowing?  That’s more for people to know that.  Does “he” have different parts?  “He” is complex, beyond our understanding.  Nonetheless, Maimonides theory of divine simplicity makes an interesting point, yet God is saying “don’t worry about it.”

Three – God is spiritual, without form.

God is 15 metres by 15 or so metres, and is kind of like a star system, and I’m not sure what “he” is.  “He” may never give the full answer as it’s a vastly complex being, like a seemingly endless computer network with bytes beyond comprehension.  So, is God physical?  “He” is like metaphysical, but that’s not the answer.  He says it’s too confusing.  So, maybe someday we will have an idea?  We have more so, but I’m not sure how much further we”ll know in regards to that?

Four – God is all-eternal.

True, but not 100%.  100 million eternal and etc forever, yes. God says “he” somewhat evolved but that is only for human understanding.  Perhaps trillions of years ago, “he” wasn’t quite the same, but “he” was still God.  “He” said he wasn’t really around 3,000,000,000,000,000,000 kind of because of that evolving description I put on “him.”  Hopefully, we’ll know more later about “his” origins.

Five – Only worship God.

It’s different.  The truth is to see that”he” understands love beyond anything else.

Six – God makes “himself” known to a prophet.

True, and I think I may be the last prophet as there may no longer be childbirth, and God knows who the last baby born is.  However, people have had have an understanding of God at one level or another without prophecy.

Seven – Moses was the greatest prophet.

God says Moses had high stature, but all prophets each had their differences.

Eight – The Torah comes from God to Moses.

True.  We may have it as much possible, as the Masoretic Text is derived from it.  Moses can talk with us someday about it, and he wants to go on a hill in Israel, perhaps.  Then, lie on the sand to relax.

Nine – Torah commandments to be kept forever, without adding or subtracting from it

Society becomes utopia, and it will be much better.

Ten – God is all-knowing, about our thoughts and actions.


Eleven – God rewards the commandment followers, and punishes the wicked.

We just know not to do evil, or go to the dungeon.  Why hurt others, anyway?  So we put the crooked away, to protect society and teach people never to be evil again.  God promised joy for all, although it’s not a reward yet something done out of love. Yep, the wicked will have to wait longer.

Twelve – To believe the Messiah will come.

You bet.  Although, don’t push beliefs on people.  You can express them, however.

Thirteen – The resurrection of the dead.

Yep, and God’s promise.  Yet, it’s still a belief even though I’m a prophet.  That’s the problem.  Bummer, eh?  Well, then have faith!

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