Adult Dating Situation

One of the reasons for writing this has to do with grown-ups thinking it’s fine to treat a middle school student for a burger.  And no, that is the problem, so instead follow my guidelines.

Men can date younger women, yet by age 26, it’s not recommended to go out with anyone younger than 19 to 20.  Brain maturity is one of the reasons, and it may not be more impacted until the early 20’s, enables people to make more sound decisions and to think more rationally.  Scientific research states age 25 is full brain growth, yet God says not to worry about that once you’re between 20 to 23.

In the meantime, the ladies can date an older guy if they choose, yet she should be 20 to 21 if it is a 32 to 34 year old man.  It also has to do with harmony, so assuming she is 18 and he is 34, it may not feel 100% yet.  And if they are sure about each other, I would wait a few more years, and it’s possible they are meant for each other.  Yet, not always.

Women may not do well with men much younger than they are because it may make them feel too disconnected, and/or independent from their partner.  So, if you’re a 27 year old lady looking for a younger man, maybe 22?  Anyone younger than that may make you feel awkward, and it could be an off-balance connection.  Just go with the flow, and see how it goes.

As for gays and lesbians looking for love?  A 26 year old gay man would be wise to date another guy no younger than 19 to 20.  Women are sometimes more involved in their relationships than men, and may need more of a partnership.  So, she shouldn’t be that much younger, say 22, assuming you are 27.

God promised everyone will be about the same age someday, so the dating scene will be much more fluid, yet people will also be with their partners as well.  Right, on the issue of plural marriage again.

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