Dealing With The Sanhedrin

There is no evidence they ever faced Jesus, yet they are the hardest to convert.  And that is to get them to walk away from dogma, and into plain clothes, so perhaps a U2 tee, cargo shorts and sandals will suffice?

Their main argument is that the commandments need to be observed, and that King David is wrong to say “Religion is depressing, confining and boring, so let’s do something else and try that banana split, and talk about basketballs flailing in black holes.”

Deuteronomy 4:1-2 The Stone Edition “Now, O Israel, listen to the decrees and to the ordinances that I teach you to perform, so that you may live, and you will come and possess the Land that HASHEM, the God of your forefathers, gives you.  You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor shall you subtract from it, to observe the commandments of HASHEM, your God, that I command you.”

God said to move on, and live a nice life.  As long as we know to treat each other kindly and fairly, what’s wrong with that?

Some may point out that King David has yet to build the 3rd temple, which is discussed in Ezekiel 40, and that task needs to be completed first.  God gave me a vision of a temple, and it appeared to be a remnant of the past.  I’m not sure if “he” will command me to build one, or if “he” will put one there for us, or if it’s merely of the past, and to be forgotten?  I don’t know the meaning, yet there will be no more animal sacrifices, which the previous temples once had.

There is also the argument that the people have the right to choose the King, yet God assigns the task unto someone.  Here’s one example:

1 Samuel 9:15-17 The Stone Edition “Now HASHEM had revealed in Samuel’s ear, one day before Saul had come, saying, “At this time tomorrow I will send a man to you from the land of Benjamin; you shall anoint him to be ruler over My people Israel, and he will save My people from the hand of the Philistines — for I have seen [the distress] of My people, since its cry has come before Me.  When Samuel saw Saul, HASHEM spoke up to him, ‘This is the man of whom I said to you, ‘This one will rule over My people.'”

Menachem Schneerson may have been ushered in as the Rebbe, yet he was never assigned to be the King, and also hoped for the Messiah’s arrival.  God told me it’s similar to Moses, where “he” took him through a process before freeing the slaves from Egypt.

Religious leaders may point out that Elijah is yet to be seen.

Malachi 3:23-24 The Stone Edition “Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of HASHEM.  And he will turn back [to God] the hearts of fathers with [their] sons and the hearts of sons with their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with utter destruction.”

And, it’s possible he is with us now.

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