Religion Is Muck

God says there’s no reason to be dutiful to your sect anymore, as many of them are fictitious to begin with.  You don’t need to spend your money on keeping the practice going, as they will dissolve eventually.  So, you can tell your bhikkhus, pujaris, nuns, rabbis, priests and other assorted clergy members that God is with us, and the truth is kindness, care, and love for the people, and animals, around you.

I could finish this page here, yet I want to bring up Christianity first.  It may be the the number one religion in the world with over 2 billion followers, yet it’s a pagan-derived hoax and there was no such thing as a miraculous virgin birth.  God says the prophets of the Old Testament saw interesting things, yet Jesus was not part of that group.  So, I would say goodbye to Islam as well, considering the Jesus component of it and Mohammad was not a prophet.

It does seem harsh for me to say those things, but I’m here to talk about God.  And “he” says peace on earth forever, and don’t worry about subservience anymore, yet remember modesty.

And I try to be decent as possible, and do the household chores as well.  Yeah, those can be annoying, but it’s okay considering God is with us, keeping the earth from falling apart.


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