My Unfortunate Childhood

God messed up my thinking and rendered my body quasi-malfunctional in order to experience life.  Because of that, I developed terrible social phobia, partially from experience, and partially from “him.”  Maybe also a little bit from genetics, yet I would have been a regular whatever feller if “he” didn’t do that to me.

God said “he” had no choice to do it in order to prepare me for my throne, as well as other things which I cannot reveal until later, some of which are work-related.

At least I had some fun times, but my life sucked, and when I found who I was back in 1995, I had to go through more hell and pain.  It’s 2018, but there’s still some more to go through, yet it’s much better than before!  I will be able to move on and fully enjoy life with all of you, forever, someday.

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