Passing By With Some Quotes

“Because God is beyond understanding, there is no reason for “him” to criticize the dent on that sandstone.  Yet “he” will repair it, to make it content.”

“The more we judge others, the less we understand them.  The trick is to alleviate our derision, then maybe give them a hug a half a year later.”

“I’m just a regular guy, with a so-so job.  I’m not even religious, so what’s the point?  At least, I have something to do.”

“I may be a secular Jewish guy, and in the coming of days there will be no more belief labels ascribed to anyone, as all will know God is with them.  It is the ultimate peace plan.”

“Arrogance keeps you away from the world.  Take a break, and let a bulldog lick your face.”

“It is true, I would like a bulldog for a pet, or a chow, or a Siberian cat.  Yet, I’m here to greet the animals of the world, too.”

“I did not come here to save the world, but to take a nap, and let everyone else enjoy conversing each other.”

“Fear God?  ‘He’ says ‘Hello, is there something interesting you would like to do today?'”


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