The Pope Is Ok, I Suppose

I’m here to set the record straight that Sir Francis, aka Jorge Bergoglio, is not a terrible lad.  The reason is many people may get angry at religious leaders for not getting the message across that their faith could be faulty, although many of them are confused and think their way is the truth.  Sure, there are corrupt people within all sectors, not only religion, of course. Yet, God will talk to them down the road.

In the meantime, steer clear from revenge.  It’s fine to ask for justice, but just be patient, and turn on your video game console.  And there’s nothing wrong with grownups having fun playing Super Mario Bros. or even Minecraft every now and then.

If you’re still angry, then go for a jog.  Also, write out your feelings on a journal, and talk it out with others you can connect with.  God is with you forever, so at least some of us won’t be atheists for much longer, and it can happen sometimes to some disgruntled practitioners.

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