Are Jews Frugal With Money?

God says about 12%, and those people can let go too.  And thriftiness is omnipresent in this world, regardless.

Here some more common stereotypes:

All Asians are smart.  I think everyone is intelligent, and humans are the brightest species on the planet.  Animals know how to communicate pretty well with each other, and as long as there’s no foul play, then all is fine.

Are Latinos lazy?  About 12%.  Many of them are impoverished, and sometimes it’s hard to find ways to earn a decent quid in a deficient society.

Are blacks criminal types?  About 9%.  And I see white people in jail too.

Are white people bigots?  About 9%.  God may send them to spend time with folks from different lands till they can let go of hatred.

Indians are poor, but content.  10%.  There are some that don’t dwell too much on it, but who wants to experience £5,000 a year on grits and hay?

Muslims are terrorists.  About 9%.  There are peaceful people, yet the Quran has bogus in it, that even the nice ones can get fooled too.

Some people can cross ethnic lines perfectly.  0%.  Only God can do it just like that, as “he” knows everyone fully.  I may get feel out of place at first, say if I were to visit a village in Somalia or Uruguay.  The reason has to do with lack of experience, and with time it’s no biggie.  And, I hope you can have fun too, traveling forever.

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