Yes, There Is A Doggie Heaven

ng whe

This page is for my cousin whose pup recently crossed over to the world beyond, and joined hands with her mom, who moved on over 10 years ago after battling ovarian cancer.  Heaven is like the dreams you have marveled, the fairy tales you have read, and fantasy cinema which you have seen.  It is more spectacular, and more pure than anyone can imagine, yet patience is an issue.

God promised the earth will be free, and the dogs all over the world will join us, and the horses, and even the Indian rhinocerous who likes it when the mynah birds perch on his back for a lovely ride at Kaziranga, says “scurry off, but just for a bit.”  He is trying to tell the human children to be patient, just for a little while or more, and to tend to the spotted hyena or green peafowl who may have some time for them.  The Indian rhino knows the world belongs to everyone, yet the people need to learn they don’t own it, so the animals will be freed from all zoos, just as all slaves will be freed from traffickers.

And, when will the woolly mammoth greet Al Einstein on his visit to Lake Baikal?

Isaiah 26:19 The Stone Edition “May Your dead come to life, may my corpses arise.  Awake and shout for joy, you who rest in the dirt!”

God said the target date is 2070s, as heaven is a process for all, just as our 14 month old babies need to learn to walk, our 4 year old daughter is learning how to read for the first time, the 14 year old is learning how to undo spoiled behaviour by watching 44 year olds on corporate greed documentaries on youtube.

Will we all be here when that happens?  “He” says about 2028 to 2057 is when we’ll see the last published obituary, and “he’s” not specifying when, as “he’s” teaching us to live the moment.  At least, have some peace about eternal joy, though.

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