Goodbye Libertarian Party

I’m looking through the platforms of some of the United States’ political factions, and I want to let you know the country will become a monarchy one day, where it will be a reign done out of love, and care, for all eternity.  Ultimately, with the awareness of God with us.

I’m looking through the principles of the Libertarians, and I want to address all of them someday.  I cannot implement ideas onto a new system, as I’m not with other people to discuss those with, yet I can offer you my opinions about certain ones.

On Self-Ownership:  You own your body, and God is helping you out.  You may have feelings as to what to consume and partake in, and it will be done out of moderation.

On Expression And Communication: The government will work with the people, forever.

On Privacy: No more paranoia, yet you may not be sure about God at first.  You will be fine, though.

Having Personal Relationships:  It won’t be a problem, and you will eventually be with the right people.

On Crime and Justice:  You may have to go to a jail just for a few days, or a few weeks?  Why are you yelling at your brother again?  Relax, and be nice.  God may toss all thieves, rapists, murderers, and other dirty peons into the Arabian Desert for a while or more, and then maybe the outer limits?  Yeah, they will be okay.  No worries.

Regarding Property And Contract:  The new system will help provide shelter, transportation, food, and you can pay for the rest.  Government helps regulate the prices to assure harmony amongst everyone.

Environment and Energy:  God will remedy the damage done, and we will help maintain the earth, forever.

On Government Finance and Spending: We will have to pay a minor tax to help with infrastructure, personal income, and maybe not much else.

Government Employees:  Everyone is connected to the monarchy, and other sectors will be perhaps 83.35% private.  It will be good, and I hope you can open your 83.35% privately-owned clothing store or jet ski shoppe for fun.

On Money and Financial Markets:  Banks will be run by the government.  0% corruption, forever.

On Marketplace Freedom:  The government helps balance, and maintain the system.

On Labour Markets:  There won’t be a need for unions, as the government is here to make sure everything is fine.  God knows the system won’t be crooked.

Regarding Education: Take a class if you wish, to keep your mind going.

Health Care:  I’ve always felt the government should help the ailing, yet God promised maybe just dental hygiene, and those depressing trips to the barbershop.

Our national defense is God.

On International Affairs:  Eventually, other countries will follow suit with the monarchy.  God isn’t going to leave corruption abound.

Discrimination:  None, or as little as possible.

On Representative Government:  It may be the individual, instead of a party, to talk about needs, and desires.

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