Ethnic Distribution Of Religion

Why is it that the majority of Muslims are from the Arabian part of the world?  Does Allah want nothing to do with white people?

Well, why can’t religion be evenly distributed so that everyone has a taste of your faith?

Why aren’t there many Christians in Japan and China?  They would at least like a taste of your faith, so send along your missionaries, if you will.

Why is that maybe 93% of Jews don’t follow Jesus?  God should spare those people, perhaps?  They do have the tanakh, at least.

Why is Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism Asian-primarily?  At least they don’t believe in hell, so that’s a good thing?  And there isn’t much monotheism out there, yet God says hello from Beijing.

And Hinduism remains banal if it rests in India and Nepal.  Try moving your headquarters to Quebec or even New Zealand to experience something different for once.

How come animals don’t have to worry about religion?  So, they get a free ticket to heaven for sleeping, eating, mating, and playing around?  Such an easy life?  I wish I was born an aardvark.

Perhaps, we humans do have much to learn?   Yet, without religion, someday.

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