Hate Speech Is Silly

Imagine if the animals of the world did this:

The koala tells the giraffe “Your neck is stupid, your head is too high, and you bother me.”  The cheetah explains to everyone in class that the koala is foolish, “Eating nothing else but eucalyptus leaves is a wasted clown.”  The elephant then eats the cheetah, then says “One less cat frees up the world.”  Then a African pygmy mouse sniffs the elephant’s foot, “Scumbag” he mutters, then the elephant panics, and dies.

Depressing, yet silly.  Cartoonish maybe?  Who cares.  Yet, it’s what they know.  Hate, everywhere.  Over what reason?  Who cares what that may be?  Who cares?  Right?

He’s a koala, and they hate him for being that way.  Right?  They hate the giraffe for being that way, right?  They hate the cheetah for being that way, right?  And of course the elephant, too?  Yeah, they hate each other.

Yet, will it last forever?

What about amongst the human world?

Do you want it to?  Why not just write about it in a poem, or a story how much you hate anything. How you hate, hate, hate, hate anything, or even this and that, just to let go of some smoke.

Actually, I didn’t mean each other, yet what about inanimate things:

Personally, it is liver I cannot stand, and some types of cheeses.  I do love pizza, however, yet I’m supposed to talk about hate, right?  Hmmm.. scratching fingers on the chalkboard?  Yeah, I despise that the most.

Sing about what you hate the most, and do it in the shower, if you will.

Hate.  Grumbles.

Nah, except maybe for bad cheese.

I’m just here to help you let go of matters you may have boiling inside, and you can read my sample poem on the next page.

King David

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