Hell Is Just Psychopathic Business

Throwing someone into eternal torture is reminiscent of someone who has no love, or no empathy whatsoever.  It reminds you of Josef Mengele’s disturbing times as an utterly inhumane experimenter, and even he wouldn’t have wanted eternal suffering, yet maybe for 3 minutes.  And he was a dirty pile of dung, and even Idi Amin who terrorized Ugandans, wouldn’t have wanted to watch people suffer endlessly, and the same with Pol Pot, another piece of doo from Cambodia.

There is no such thing as a 0 empathy and 0 love human being, and we all have at least some feelings.  Sociopaths and psychopaths just have poor understanding of love and empathy, and even sometimes I feel bad for them, yet they know better not to hurt others.

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