Prophecy Of The Blind And Deaf

Our blind friends can perceive things in extraordinary ways, other than sight, so there will be no need for them to see the way much of us do.  During the first few weeks, God will give them 14 to 62% “perfect” vision, depending on the individual.  Then it could then take them a few months to get used to it, and after 20 to 30 years of slow accumulation, they will be able to utilize 50 to 82.75% “perfect” vision and function at  utmost.

Normal-sighted humans have about 85.1 to 93.6% “perfect” vision, as anything over 96% is ridiculously splendid such as a bionic man archetype.  Because blind people maneuver through this earth differently than their normal-sighted peers, they would be quite annoyed with sharing that eyesight.  It is the same reason that much of us would not want and/or need their intensified senses.

And God knows how to make all fully content, including for our deaf friends.

Many deaf individuals seem to adapt to their lifestyle well, especially if there are other deaf individuals to associate with.  The use of sign amongst each other creates an organization of such, that deaf folks have prospered with their own functions quite well, and God knows many of them don’t really want to hear the world’s sounds the way most people do.  The reason partly has to do with sense of identity, and also the augmented sense of touch, and vision.

God knows it’s about self-fulfillment in heaven, so deaf folks will acquire about 3.5 to 28.75% normal hearing range after the first few months, depending on the person.  Even after the next 20 to 30 years, many of them will will maintain their own lifestyle, and not brood over being like the majority of us.

And watching British Sign language on a youtube video looks confusing, yet maybe I will take a class someday.  Although, it’s always good to try something interesting.

And Helen Keller, a American blind-deaf lady from the 20th century, presently has okay eyesight.  She enjoys connecting with people using sign language as well as auditory speech, and also relishes her time with horses, including other animals.  God said she doesn’t really hear too much, yet she may hear a bit when she returns to the earth to greet the world.



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