Too Many Bad People

I’m taking a longer break from Shabbos to write a bit more, cuz God knows it’s boring not to do something else.

So, I’m looking at today’s newspaper subjects:

Juvenile detention centre escape.
Woman verbally abused.
Cocaine smuggle.
Mother assaulted.
Soldier kills doctor.
Worker buried alive.
Journalist stalker.
Dangerous driving causes death.
Teenager kills nice lady.
Immoral Islam jail sentencing.
Thief on the loose.
Muggers jailed.
Another stabbing.
Dismembered lady in ocean.
Molested children.

Sports.  Weather.

So my question is, why is that so many people do tragic things unto others?  Same thing day after day.

I wrote down the name of that person who was arrested.  Maybe God will free him, unless he gets out early.

Life will get better.

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