On Judaism

And Christianity derived from it, and Islam from that.  And later, we’ll be fine in a decent world without any depressing religious units.

God knew the ancient Jewish people created a type of society for “him”, yet also for themselves.  Obviously, God doesn’t need a society for “him”, rather for the people of the world, so that some type of structure could be established to keep them from being imbalanced and nonviable.

Religious Jews pray three times a day, and God knows excess is unnecessary.  You can read passages in the Tanakh to achieve a sense of contentment, and perhaps for further enlightenment.  And everyone is welcome to look, including the Brahman, as Hinduism is antiquated.  If you don’t want to gaze at it, that’s fine.  Try once every few months, and browse through something like the Psalms for a mere minute or two.

The dietary laws are outmoded, and it’s a waste of energy to look for a Kosher label on every package at the supermarket.  Instead buy sufficient and healthy products, and if you want candy, enjoy them in moderation.

You don’t need tefillin or tallit.  God is with us, and you don’t need to remind yourself that.

Men don’t need to wear yarmulkes.  I wore one for a short while when I thought I had to follow customary rituals.  Also, the scriptures don’t mention it.  Why bother even considering?

Boys don’t need to have sidelocks, and men can grow a beard only if they desire so.  It is not idol-worship to withdraw, and you can still be a decent person if you are nice to others, including animals.

No more tzitzit.  You don’t need to be reminded of the Exodus from Egypt.  You will see some of those people someday.

The religious burial practices are inapplicable in present day society.  It states that someone guard the coffin, and that the funeral take place by the next day.  I would just leave it in a protective place, and have the funeral no later than 5 to 10 days, to assure that loved ones from different towns, counties, nations, and planets attend.

Ritual circumcision is not fully necessary.  You can do it for health reasons, and you don’t need a bris, unless you think it’s a good thing to have.  And God will fix all male anatomy parts in the days to come.

Jewish women don’t need to cover their hair, wear wigs or hide their lower legs and arms.

Religion often has modesty rules pertaining to women, rather it should be equal status amongst men and women.

Also, forget about those depressing Jewish clothes.  Since it will be Eden someday, you will embrace nudism every now and then.

Jewish people are also expected to study, and it’s a good thing to be able to learn for all eternity.  Although, don’t force homework assignments, and your children need to know that the brain needs further nourishment.  God promises quality education care for everyone, and no more rote study mechanisms.  People should be able to learn until they can understand the material.

Most importantly, no more funerals down the road.

And Moses wants to coach, or cheerlead a football (soccer) game.

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