Old Rebellious King David

It is possible I may never wear a yarmulke again.  Should the congregants at the shul inquire about my misbehaviour, I will then state there was no commandment created for such.

I found two references to a head covering worn during a time of grief:

2 Samuel 15:30 The Stone Edition “David was going up on the ascent of [the Mount of] Olives, crying as he ascended, with his head covered, going barefoot.  And all the people with him wrapped their heads and went up, crying as they ascended.”

Esther 6:12 The Stone Edition “Mordechai returned to the king’s gate; but Haman hurried home, despondent and with his head covered.”

Just because we see people of the bible wearing them, how do we know it was an obligation to do such?

Moreover, the Talmud states such laws to implement duty, yet it wasn’t written by the prophets.  Although, there’s nothing wrong with genuinely helping people become closer to God, “he” still isn’t interested in servitude.

The Sanhedrin can tell me otherwise, yet I’m just here to share the truth.

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