I Talked To A Gay Man Before

When I was first exposed to the homosexual crowd back in 1988, I thought there was some type of psychological component behind their sexual option.  And when I got the chance to speak with a gay man, actually it might have been the 2nd or 3rd, or 4th one that is, as they frequently kept their identity obscured in order to blend in easier.

So in 1990, I actually befriended a gay man.  Was it because he was gay?  No, it was because he was a cool guy to hang out with.  So, then I knew there was nothing wrong with it?  Well, I read Judaic literature condemning it, and what did they know anyway, and yeah, I wasn’t sure myself.

So, it took some time getting to know this guy, my friend.  And some of our conversations went like this:

King David – “So what about those ladies?  Some of them are quite fine and beautiful.”
Friend – “No.”
King David – “Not even interested in that lady over there? She seems to like the way you are.”
Friend – “True, but it’s not for me.”
King David – “You’re gay, and no interest right?”
Friend – “No. It doesn’t do anything for me.”
King David – “So what about that guy over there?”
Friend – “No, he’s not really my type.”

Moreover, he had a male relationship with someone else, yet I was still eager to know what he was really feeling.

King David – “What about the beauty of the ladies’ physique?”
Friend – “No. It doesn’t do anything.”

Then he pointed to an old man.

Friend – “He’s your type.”
King David – “Ha. So what about that blonde guy over there?”
Friend – “Mmmm baby.”
King David – “What about that sweet lady over there?”
Friend – “No.”

And, he’s perfectly normal.

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