It’s More Like An Open Marriage

For the most part, spending time with the ladies will be going over to their place, meeting them at an intriguing restaurant, or at some interesting club, or what else there is out there.  I don’t care for the term “polygamy” as it’s often attributed to the religious partnership of perhaps one man and ten ladies all living in some junk compound.  And I’d rather everyone do something else special than waiting around for me.  Although, it still will be a plural marriage where everyone will become more open about each of us spending time with others, as our feelings are likewise normal.

So, God told me there will be 93 wives, so that I can go out and talk with someone interesting and beautiful.  So I’ll try to be funny and nice, and will do the best to entertain them, as well.

Also, I will be meeting ladies outside of that marriage.  And everyone will get to meet someone new as well, as there are perhaps over 50 billion people that have ever lived.  Endless “singles” gatherings?  Yeah, it sounds strange, especially if you’re married.




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