Just Ruminating

Some people don’t think animals have souls nor will be a part of heaven, yet why did God stress during the Noah’s Ark story about saving those beautiful creatures?

God wants people to learn to think of possibilities.  How do you know for sure how old the earth is?  Does the bible really say how old it is?  And there’s nothing wrong with wondering if certain parts of the bible really happened, or not.  God is real, however, and I can attest to that.

So the Noah’s Ark story may not have happened?  It doesn’t matter, as God had it written.  Perhaps to teach us something?  Yep, that’s possible.

Moreover, there’s nothing wrong with forming your own opinion about things.  Just because your preacher may mull over an issue one particular way, while King David feels differently, doesn’t mean you can’t have your unique viewpoint about a particular matter.  And God knows that’s perfectly normal.

Again, “he” fully knows what love is, and “he” knows everyone you’ve ever known, including all animals, will be just fine for all eternity.  And my point is that cruel, violent hell is not going to ever happen, and that there will be peace on earth sometime this century.

By the 2040’s?  Maybe!

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