If Jesus Were The Messiah

There’s a good chance you will roast in flames suffering endlessly, or sit in some dark, black chamber waiting for nothing else to do.  So that is the whole point, to accept Jesus.  And I would.  I don’t know what moral virtue means to that guy, yet I don’t want to burn in hell, so I will pray to God, and say “I accept Jesus, just don’t throw me in hell.  Yes sir!”

Then, I would feel bad for all of those Muslims who see Jesus as a teacher, and a follower of God’s word, yet they don’t qualify him as son of God.  And off to hell they go.  Over 90% who reside in Morocco, Iran, Libya, Mauritania, Niger, Iraq, Pakistan, Senegal are Muslims and don’t qualify him, so off they go!  Right?  Yeah, get rid of everyone who doesn’t believe correctly.

And that means the Jehovah’s Witnesses are going to hell, because their practice wasn’t right either.  God tells them that Jesus died on the cross, not on some silly post, and off to hell they go!  Right?  God then tells one practitioner that he should have remained Lutheran because maybe it was the right belief, as even the Catholics were wrong, and off to hell they go, as well!

So, no one is going to heaven?  Jesus said about 12.1% of his followers, as they all had to understand and follow the correct dogma.  But I’m going to hell, as I accepted him, yet I chewed gum at one church service, so damn David, damn King David!  Right?  Yeah, the hell with that guy.

And 93.5% of the world’s population is in China and India, and they’re all going to hell.  God doesn’t like Hindus, Sikhs, Taoists and Buddhists either.  Off to hell they go.

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