As A Political Leader

I’m looking at varying issues countries regularly tackle, and if I were involved with the government, I would input:

Jobs:  Offer as much possible, yet don’t create mindless ones.  Make sure everyone is fully a part of the company.

Homeless: We will use civilian taxes to provide all with places to live.

Food:  Everyone needs to eat, and taxes will cover everything.

Military Spending:  God says 82.3% eliminated.  We need to maintain the system to keep terrorism from going out of control, and keep an eye on destructive forces like North Korea.

Religion Security:  No funding.  You don’t need it anymore and use the garnered monies to help society out.

Legal System:  A judge can handle the verdict, as he or she is trained to do so.

Crime – A little kid who has to walk 3 kilometres everyday from school has permission to get a candy bar every Friday.  And a douchebag takes it away from him, so he gets hard labour for 3 months flat.  It was only £1, so what was the big ruckus over it?  Moreover, the death penalty is merely immature butchering, and you’ve already seen enough people die for the wrong reasons.  So, all the terrible people will help restore the cities they once destroyed, whilst wearing leg shackles.

Marriage – Abolish “Is An Institution” as well as the arranged form.  Marriage is supposed to be rewarding, and beautiful and with the right person.  An institution is for slaves, who want duty and regulation all the time.  And they will be free in time.  Horses are good at sensing out chemistry, and can do better in choosing for you than your parents who think the only choice is to marry Vihaan. Considering he is your father’s boss’ son, so is there some type of social status ploy?

Gun Handling:  Weapons are violent, and you don’t need them unless you are a hunter at some ranch 45.21 kilometres from the market.  We will install top-notch crime alert equipment for your residences, so you won’t need self-defense articles much longer.  And all intruders will have to work from 3,00 am to 8,30 pm picking up manure and garbage if they want to have fun scaring the nice townspeople.

Immigration:  You may have to stay at a camp, and someday if you are peaceful and shed your violent faith, we will see.  God says be patient.

Elections:  You have to promise to be nice and honest if you want to run for something appealing.  You can run against me, yet I’m not dethroning myself.  So, maybe I can make you Assistant Vice Chancellor?

French Food:  I want all world’s people to eat your expensive dishes at least once a year.  And the Parisian restaurateurs can embrace some fine Roma food maybe twice annually, if they are nice.



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