God’s Name Is Not Allah

If you look at the first line of the bible, it says אֱלֹהִים or God.  There are many names associated with “him”, and “he’s” not really a Father, yet a provider that knows you have a real dad that could use your affection, too.  You don’t need to call “him” The Most High, as “he” doesn’t need a pedestal to be revered, and knows you can do better in your Lithuanian language classes.

It is understood that Allah is somewhat the translation for God in Arabic, yet God knows the Koran is not the truth, nor the New Testament, and the Old Testament is loaded with angry God and boring rules.  So, “he” says learn to relax, and embrace humour for once and all.  Even George Carlin was not a fully an atheist, and realizes God knows humour inside and out, considering it’s relatively an all-knowing being.  So, Sir Carlin says “I am not funny, ok?”

You don’t need to call “him” The Lord, or Jehovah.  God knows what friendship means, and wants you to embrace companionship with others, and a Lord can sometimes be a jerk.  El Shaddai, or God Almighty is unnecessary, as that’s associated with power.  Learn love, and walk away from servile behaviour.

So, is God humble?  God knows love beyond comprehension, and will help you find connection with with your inner child by encouraging you to watch some silly cartoons you once did as a wee lad.

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