Reviewing Some Polls

“True art isn’t modern art” – I know that art is eternal, and our evolving species can always come up with something interesting to display at an exhibition show.

“The House of Romanov had the right to die.” – Murder is unjustifiable.  The best thing is to arrest corrupt government officials.

“Korean Borders Should Be Eliminated” – North Korea can continue to exist if it learns something about love and kindness towards its civilians.

“People have a monetary value” – We’re not objects, and we’re of infinite worth.  It’s synonymous with animals, and you can’t buy a human for a slave either, as his or her price is too high for you.

“Teachers should hold guns in the United States to avoid further tragic events.” – No, I think you have to strengthen security within school borders.

“The Aryan race is just wishful thinking.” – There’s no such thing as a master race.  All are equal to God, including our beloved animal residents.

“Candidates need a basic understanding of science.” – They need that basic understanding that creationism cannot be proven.  Sure, God did something with the earth, but how do you know what occurred?

“The Ukraine should join the E.U.” – The European Union has sycophancy in it, and should strive to think of what’s best for each nation, and for its people.

“Bilateral relationships are important between Japan and China.” – There’s nothing wrong with befriending each other, too.  Perhaps, marriage as well, and one of your partners may be from Italy, or Guyana.  And your warring is done on the bed with an angry game of checkers.

“Government should pay heed to opinion polls.” –  That would be great to hear what public has to say.  Forever.

“King David is sometimes a little too silly.” – I think our clergy members will be zany for all of us as they become less indoctrinated, including your sulky imam.



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