Questions About God

“So, why would God create evil?”
Are you sure “he” would do that?  I think people can think clearly as what to avoid doing.

“Can God be proven?”
You will find out someday, just like your ancestors who have moved on.

“Why not polytheism?”
God doesn’t have parents, or siblings.

“Why can’t we question God?”
Nothing wrong with wondering, but perhaps “he” wants to help you.

“Why are Jesus and Buddha still preaching their ways after all of these years?”
People come up with their own theories, and God promised all will agree that “he” will keep us company forever.

“Is there anything God cannot do?”
Depart us! It is comparable to your desire to be with your soul mate.

“Does God have a sense of humour?”
Humans, and animals have that trait.  “He” knows what laughter means, and to appreciate it when it comes.

“When does God make mistakes?”
Never. “He’s” essentially all-knowing.

“Why does God permit suffering?”
“He” put us through a situation, which will end someday. Also, “he” keeps us from suffering too much.

“Is God sometimes little bit evil?”
0% There is nothing mean about “him” either.

“Is God a creator?”
“He’s more so a permitter.

“Can I get mad at God?”
Sure, but “he” is doing the best to help you out.

“Why does the bible talk about faith?”
Life is less difficult if you know God is with you.

“Why do good things happen to bad people, and bad things to good people?”
Sometimes it feels that way, but it’s not that clear-cut. Yet, criminals go to the dungeon.

“Is God always fair?”
“He” knows what that means, and knows we are capable of treating others, as well as animals, justly.

“Why isn’t God with me?”
God knows where you are, and it will take “him” less than a second to connect with you.

“Why isn’t there much of God in the far east?”
“He” knows Jerusalem, Taipei, Bangkok, Seoul, and Osaka all the same!

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