To My Arab Friends

I want to make it clear I’m not really angry, rather fatigued in dealing with the world.  Not many are listening.  People want their vegan lifestyles, their totalitarian regimes, their repressive religions over a beautiful, liberating life.  Right, and vegetarianism is restricting to the soul, and deleterious for the health.

I have utmost respect for this part of the world:


I will go hiking, eat fattoush, then perhaps some yachting with one of your leaders to further discuss why religion is monotonous, sedating, and most particularly, self-defeating to our innate desire for some joyously delightful times.  And God knows you can help build just one fat casino in Sana’a.  And end all wars in Yemen.

Then you can tell your Chassidic Jewish friends that David wants all to realize the truth, that we will be much happier without dogma.  And that is my mission as King, to say hello, and let’s do something else.

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