Understanding Suffering

It is the reason why I want people to be fed, and have shelter.  You have to imagine that if you were in the same situation, and your government officials told you “We need to invest in proper underpinnings, take care of our resources, so please just ask around.  Thank you.  Bye.”  Does that sound caring?  It sounds like whatever-blah blah care, which means they are vaguely trying at most.

Some animals in zoos were born there, while others were taken from their families, and you have to imagine yourself in that position.  Who wants to watch a baby elephant being snatched from her African family then tossed into a small cage so little kids can say hi to it?  (Zoos cannot endanger animals by throwing them back to the wild, as they won’t know what to do from there, yet they can make their dwellings more habitable).

There’s still much physical abuse in households worldwide, and you have to put yourself in that position and explain to me how violence is justified?  Do you want to see more lashing with whips against your children’s behinds?  If you did some wrongdoing, would you like someone to pummel you repeatedly?  And King David asks “What’s wrong with a firm rebuke?  It doesn’t seem that difficult to attempt.”

Then some arsehole diety flings nonbelievers of Zeus, Brahma or even Jesus and makes sure they suffer endlessly with burning coals and knives piercing.  Would you like to hear about your sister enjoying herself in hell? And this diety says “I don’t like nonbelievers, and they have tried to ask for forgiveness, but I am angry and mad, and they should suffer because they could have worshipped me properly.”  Does that sound like love?  And what’s the point of that suffering, if there’s no end?  It doesn’t appear like a form of righteousness to impose that on someone.  And that reminds me of antisocial disorder.

And I’m on the phone with the chief inspector reporting this cruel diety.

And slavery still exists.  Imagine yourself being repeatedly assaulted for not doing the job properly.  Why can’t you just fire a bad employee?  If I didn’t like the way you did the work, I would advise you as kindly possible, “Could you at least try it this way?”  And I could fire you, which is no big deal because I hold no ownership over you anyway, and you are free to look for another job elsewhere.

And God doesn’t own anyone, including all animals.

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