United States Employment Situation

As your King, I’m here to help out with the situation down there where it will ultimately become a monarchy.

I’m aware of disgruntled government employees letting their irritableness out at others.  They are urged to do some type of exercise before departing for their job in the mornings, and if possible, let their frustrations out at something practical, like a boxing bag.  The reason is to unload inner strife which will aid in achieving greater tranquility of mind.  Obviously, the employee’s role is to do the best possible, and treat everyone around him or her cordially as possible.

Of course, you don’t have to keep your job.  God promised fulfillment for everyone, yet that may not be until the world is free, which should be by the 2040’s.  So be patient, for now.  And don’t let me or someone else fire you.  You may need your funds, so do the best possible.

The same goes for “funny” business owners.  I was directed to watch a comedic Seinfeld show about a New York City jerk restaurateur who barked at his customers to behave accordingly, or depart without food.  Perhaps it was a humorous show, indeed, yet I’m not interested in working with loggerheads.  Should it be that there are those who behave that way in the United States, then they will have to look for something else more suitable, as maybe they aren’t meant to work with people?  I’m your business’ 16.65% owner, remember.  So, perhaps you will get a warning from me not to do that type of thing again.

Overcharging is not that uncommon.  Price your goods and services as if you were a customer.  Perhaps its value is meant to be high, then keep it that way, yet don’t try to push it up higher just to see if you can get that classy penthouse on the hills.  Right, be reasonable, and be content with what you have.

Tipping is fine especially in cafes and diners, yet don’t require others to tip you.  As it’s not an obligation to do such, yet I will tip decent waitresses, or waitresses nonetheless.  Also, keep the tipping values on the receipt blank, as I know some businesses put down different options namely 10, 15 to 20%.  Keep that type of pressure away from the customer, as he or she should have experience knowing what to do from there.

Also, make sure everyone is salaried fairly and appropriately.  Imagine if you were in their shoes.





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