Goodbye To Your Diabetes

If your body suffers without prescriptions, then you will have to continue to be medicated.  I can tell you there’s a chance you won’t need those in the next 10 to 15 years, as God will repair everything just for you.

As the old boy I am, I used to rely on atorvastatin for elevated cholesterol, synthroid for hypothyroidism, and finasteride for hair loss.  I used to take these inhalers for asthma, loratadine for allergies, cyclosporine for dry eyes, clonazapem for anxiety as well as the high dose of escitalopram at 60 mg for OCD and depression.

My depression is now long gone, yet I have some residual OCD, so I’m taking 10 mg escitalopram instead.  And that’s the only medication left in my ever-frail system.

So, hopefully, within the next year or so, nothing except for that gratifying glass of ale every now and then!

Don’t attempt to do what I did, as I had guidance from God to walk away.  “He” also healed my limping knee and corrected my bad back, so if you know something is going atypically amiss, such your eyes amazingly improving or your insomnia vanishing, then you can check and see if it’s time to toss out your insulin vials or esomeprazole for acid reflux.

And no more bouts of headaches, as they can be the worst.  And no more children bedridden with influenza, fevers, or colds, thereof.

Yep.  And no more unfortunate diseases that cannot be cured, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy as well as the ever frightening AIDS virus.  And God says “No problem.  I will fix those swiftly.”  Goodbye ebola, leprosy, tuberculosis, and malaria, so you won’t need to inject yourself with quinine before departing for places like Angola or Cameroon.

Smooth sailing.

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