Regarding Amazon.Com

God promised retail fun forever, yet there are limitations.  As a future wealthy old chap, I have no interest in purchasing everything.  So, I would like to pass over this message to Sir Jeff Bezos, and recommend that he depart from some aspects of it.  Perhaps, he could inform his partners and chairpersons that they don’t need the whole bundle.

I’m looking at its list of acquisitions, and I think they need to walk away from 30 to 40% of those such as,,, and

Amazon needs to maintain it’s natural colour, and some of its acquisitions are better off at some other arena.  Indeed, it is possible they will have no subsidiaries in the coming of days, the same as with any other corporation.

Also, they may not be able to have offices outside of America, and God says to keep it in Seattle, where it originated.

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