What To Tell The Upset Audience

I want to make it clear that I’m not jesting, or jiving with you, or being a silly outlandish fool when it comes to issues like homosexuality, the fallacy of Jesus and Buddha, as well as the prophecies of the coming days.

Right.  I didn’t make those up, and God told me the truth.  And who cares if I’m sometimes outlandish and silly, as that’s part of human nature, yet I’m not a second-rate prune.  Although prunes can be delicious and you will be able to enjoy a few every now and then without fear of hitting the loo ever again.

Right, the prophecy of the urinal.  Never again.  No more poowing or peewing ever, ever again.  So your plumber will gleefully remove all of those in the coming of days.  And there are some interesting looking latrines, so perhaps those gold-plated and peculiar-looking ones will go into some type of loo museum.  And too bad to the overindulged rich folks, as it is God’s agenda to toss out your lavish £250,00 loos.  Who cares, and depart thee well.

You will be fine, okay?

And yes, more good times down the road.  That is the prophecy.  Forever!

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