Even Evil People Can Be Good

Everyone knows what respect and kindness is.  People know how to be generous, and will show care towards others, including animals.  It doesn’t matter how atrocious that person is, he will still make sure his mother is properly fed.  The worst killer that ever lived knows how to feed his cat properly.  Those cruel thugs sure know how to befriend each other, right?  And they show respect for each other, and will make sure they’re doing fine.

The problem is that it’s too much of a fraternal and sororal world.  People grunt and get nervous or afraid when they see differences in others, and will sometimes become aggressive.  They’re accustomed to their home surroundings, so being around mother, father and siblings all the time, and anything else that’s similar must be the answer.  They have primarily learned adaptation in this route, and when they see someone that is foreign in behaviour and/or appearance, they may get angry and confused.

The truth is that not everyone’s last name is Johnson, or James, or Young, or Chang, or Mial’abeia’ie, or Ae-51 or Ducky Wonder.  And people will just have to realize that the world is full of differences, and when they can come to terms with that, then the evil will become more accepting of others.

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