On The Issue Of Shame

The answer is who cares what other people think!  You are beautiful, and God knows the truth.

And, that’s it.  Right?

Who cares what society thinks.  God doesn’t represent specific organizing bodies either, as “he’s” here to help out, and knows things will smooth out not too far from now.  When the parliament is finally established for our people, God’s role is just to help out.  Right, it’s kind of the same thing, except “he” knows we’re doing the best possible when it comes to explaining the meaning of it all.  God knows love, care, kindness, and so forth.  So, there is nothing else to worry about.

No more shame, right?

God will tell you to not listen to judgemental people, as they will be prone to criticize, considering their scope is more narrow.  The answer is you may have problems, and other difficulties, yet you’re still valuable as anyone else, from Queen Elizabeth II to your next door neighbour with a beer belly sticking out, to the guy you’re talking to.  Yeah, Mister King David, aka Sir David the King.   So, who cares about social status.  Right.  Yet, your neighbour may get a fine in the new world, as he will have to learn to dress a bit more appropriately around others.

That’s it with shame?

God knows you inside out, and knows every pimple or scar is annoying, yet it will be remedied.  So, don’t worry about it.  Forget about those jerks and bitches that like to ridicule.  They have problems as well, and will often lash out at others in an attempt to repair their own insecurity problems.  If they were truly content within, they would not do that type of behaviour.

The end of shame.

Not much down the road.  And a lot of people need to grow up.  Life is supposed to be loving, rather than some type of game, where many think they need to endlessly climb up the corporate ladder, aka Tower Of Babel, to reach fulfillment.  It is because those people may feel empty or terrible inside.  God knows the truth is where the people, the animals, roam.  And such is the reason for eternal earth.

Good riddance to shame.

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