All World’s Faiths Go To Trial

In a logical sense, there must be only one true belief system, right?  And that people are upset with King David talking about God in a certain way, whereas others state there is no such deity.

Well, then go to court and meet the chief judge.  The Pope states his case.  The puja explains the facts.  Dalai Lama asserts the truth.  The Sikh guru explains why. The Taoist monk affirms his reasoning.  The Rebbe pinpoints the verity.  The Imam acknowledges the truth.  The Digambara monk demonstrates the veracity.  The dastur affirms the conditions.  The Giáo-Tông states the correctness.  The Pai-de-santo details its authenticity.  The Baba Shiekh notes the certainty.

I googled the number of world religions there are, and it lists 4,200.  That’s a lot, and all will have to go to trial to demonstrate its veracity.

And I’m 4,201, as I move forward and state my case that God is with us.

The atheist will be happy to hear about this ‘religious gathering’, yet he will have to explain the truth behind his as well.

And of course the chief judge will have to decide which one fits the world perfectly, and he or she will have to explain why it’s factual, or maybe none of them are!

The truth is that God will introduce “himself” to the world.

Some years from now, yet not that much further.

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