Lawsuit Vs. King David?

There were some complaints by others after receiving a second notification about something to do with me, and I apologize for disturbing you of the matter.  I will do my best to have my organization contact you only once.  Although, there may be a second time if it pertains to another issue, so please notify my group if you wish to stop receiving emails.

You can try to pursue legal action against me on the basis of being the King Messiah, yet this is not some type of hoax.  Trying to falisfy my status would be synonymous to suggesting that ferrets are really hairless, the moon is just a reflection, neanderthals never really existed, or Andorra is too small to be deemed a country.  Right, so I am your King for all eternity.  So, have no doubt, and utopia will occur.

Meanwhile, God says “Enjoy your day.”

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