For My Muslim Friends

Are you sure God enjoys watching nonbelievers get killed day after day?

Does God like you being subservient forever so that “he” can appreciate your constant praise?

Ṣalāh 5 times a day just for God? “He” likes having power over you, and enjoys watching you do this ritual for “him” until the day you die?

God, Allah, God, or Allah.  It’s pretty much the same thing, except I believe in a God that knows love.  You would imagine Allah would understand love, right?

Would a loving being want you to be shooting others, and slaving “him” until you go to Jannah?  It sounds like submission, as opposed to knowing how to be a civil townsperson.

Are you 100% sure Allah wants you to war forever, just so you can get a taste of “his” paradise?  How do you know Jannah is imminent considering your Christian neighbours are certain they will go to heaven after accepting Jesus?  Yeah, they tell me they are sure, and have felt God.  So, how do you know Allah, or God, or Allah wants you to live the way you do?

Your rituals, like that of Judaism, are of eternal compliance.  That is saying “Yes, sir” to God, or Allah, forever.  I know people that have questioned, and you have sometimes wondered about doing something more freeing, such as embracing musical instruments, trying pork, even having a glass of beer or wine sporadically.  In moderation, of course.

If I prophetize about the coming of Jannah, utopia, or peace on earth, or whatever you want to call it, does that say something?

God, or your Allah, aka God doesn’t believe in hate, either.  “He” tells me “he” knows the meaning of love, and I’m apparently the mate in Ezekiel 37.  My point is forget that Muslim junk.  Just be your decent, cool self.

Build an ice rink in Kabul, or Tripoli or both.  So, go out and do something more meaningful than Jihad.

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