Professional Sports In Heaven!

God has plans to keep entertainment perpetually rolling.  There may be all-star types of leagues considering the greatest players of the “past” will return to join us, and the old-timers walking with us will become young folks once again.

Note: This list does not include the minor leagues, such as the Japan Golf Tour, or the European Ice Hockey leagues.

Association Football – The men will play in Europe for about four months, and it’s possible the ladies will show off for the Americans.

Australian Rules Football – One league for men, where they play for four months during the summer.

Badminton – Three month league in Asia for the men.

Baseball – One all-star league, and one main league in America.  It may begin in May, with playoffs in September.  There may also be an exhibition league for the ladies.

Basketball – One all-star league, and one main league in America.  Four month long season from November to February, with best four teams making the playoffs for March.  One ladies’ league in America, playing during the summer for three to four months.

Note: God says men and ladies are different when it comes to athletics, and don’t share the same willpower, perhaps.  The ladies want to perform just like that, yet may not want to play as many games (per month), as the men.

Beach Volleyball – Two month long seasons.  It may just be co-ed for the professional market, however.

Bowling – One men’s and one women’s league in America. Three months, maybe?  The tournaments may be two to three weekends each month.

Cricket – Four to five months long with all-star league in the Indian sub-continent and the regular one in Europe?  I don’t know yet, and the ladies may play an exhibition league possibly in the Indian area.

Cue sports –  Three to four month seasons for both men and women.  Different types of games played in Europe and America.

Golf – Five month seasons for the men, with four majors, and a two week playoff format during the sixth month.  The ladies will play four seasons, with three majors, and a two week playoff format during the fifth month.  There will be two to three tournaments per month, rather than four.  The men’s group will likely play mainly in America, and sometimes Europe.  The women’s group will play in America, and sometimes the Far East.

Note: No more focus on doing the same thing all year young, as you will be engaging in many other activities, as well as spending time with actual people.

Gridiron Football: It will be revised in order to prevent injuries, with minimal-to-moderate tackling.  One or two professional men’s leagues based in America, played from September to December, and the best four teams make the playoffs.  The Super Bowl will be a part of the all-star’s league.

Ice Hockey – Men’s league from November to February, with best four teams making the playoffs throughout March.  If you want to play, you won’t be allowed to fight if you want to participate.  It will be played in America.

Softball – The ladies will play for about four months in America.  There may be six-week long celebrity co-ed pro leagues on television as well.

Tennis – Sites will be played internationally like the current system.  Men and women will have three majors, and play every other week for about four months.  There will be no tournaments in Antarctica, however, because it will always be too cold for professional pursuits.

Other competitive sports that may grace the market, yet may not attract a large contingent include: Curling, darts, fencing, field hockey, lacrosse, racquetball, table tennis, team handball, and volleyball.  There may also be the inclusion of new sports in the coming of days.

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