Forgiveness In Religion

Buddhism – I agree with them that holding resentment and anger is self-defeating.  Meditation can help one achieve a more peaceful state, in some degrees, yet I feel you have to “lash” out your anger as well.  Ie the boxing bag, as I mentioned in an earlier page, and I wrote poetry, or you could write stories, paint, talk it out, and so forth.

Christianity – They feel by accepting Jesus, they are atoned of sin.  They feel it’s a duty for  to be unconditionally forgiving, yet they may be overlooking the misdeeds of others at times.  Likewise, I feel God wants us to move away from carelessness, and learn to be more aware of others around us, so seeking Jesus can be grasping a crutch.

Hinduism – They feel they need to forgive others, as well as seek it from others, through different types of means and rituals.  They also rely on Goddess Lakshmi, and the Supreme Being Vishnu for forgiveness.  I personally will look to apologize or seek one, if I deem it helpful, yet I can’t waste my energies mulling over it if the other person doesn’t respond.  I believe it’s a matter of accepting the mistake I did, before moving on, or accepting the truth that the other person did wrong, and then sometimes talk about it with a friend or family member.  God guided me here, because otherwise I might sometimes have searched for another avenue towards every wrong I did, or felt wronged.

Islam – They seek Allah for repentance, as he is “oft-forgiving, most merciful” – Quran.  I feel God is more interested in people learning from their mistakes, then walking away.

Judaism – They go by the commandment Leviticus 19:18 (The Stone Edition) “You shall not take revenge and you shall not bear a grudge against the members of your people; you shall love your fellow as yourself – I am Hashem.”  I do feel we have to work through our grudges, rather than reside in bitter distress.   Love for others, however, should occur naturally.  They also observe Yom Kippur, which is an annual 24 hour atonement period, yet I’m more interested in working out the issues when they come and go.

Sikhism – I agree with them that forgiveness arises from relief of anger, yet I feel we each have our own capacity to forgive others.  Sikhs believe the One Supreme Reality exists with you when you forgive.  “Where there is forgiveness, there is God.” – GURU SAHIB JI.  Obviously, I feel you don’t need to make deals with “him”, even if it’s from bettering yourself.

King David’s view – I feel we have to acknowledge our past and current errs, and work through them to become better people.  I had some guilt from the past, and God helped me comprehend the reasoning behind my actions.  Perhaps, some of them I shouldn’t have done, yet we’re not perfect, so we can walk forward because we are young in this life.  Abraham is maybe 3600 years old, and he can be a grouch sometimes, yet what can we do about it?  He’s still more enlightened than me in many areas.


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