God Is With The World

“He” really takes no sides, as “he’s” with peace.  “He” knows how to sit with you forever, and watch you construct a plastic model complex.

God knows there’s war on Syria’s chemical weapons’ practices, yet “he” is keeping an eye on the burrow, making sure it’s safe in its underground dwelling.

“He” says “look at the beavers make the nice dam, and see they are doing something valuable.”  The drug dealers in Colombia are passing out contaminants, and the polluted earth is ravaged by petroleum refineries.  Yet, God knows the earthworms need more leaves, and heeds them fully.

So, what of the despots crippling us and the humble calling for “his” guidance?  “He” knows how to send the nasty on a spiraling torrent to the moon, where they can rule the lonely craters there.  King David may actually fly with NASA over there, and I will see if Raul Castro wants anything interesting from the Lego Shoppe beforehand.  Mister Castro can keep his communistic dynasty further equipped up there, with some LEGO® Architecture, populated by the ever-robustic BrickHeadz.

The earth is everlasting.  There are 7.2615 3/8 billion of us munchkins roaming here and there.  The Great Chinese Famine, WWII, the 526 C.E. Antioch earthquake, the Banqiao Dam failure, and even the Black Death of the 14th century, yet there was never complete nuclear global ruination.

That is because God is with the world.

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