Is Today 29th Of Nisan, 5778?

No, it’s 35,513,221,555,222,553,673…. etc.  Who cares.  2018 is more feasible to incorporate, as Metamorphoses was written by Ovid back in 1 C.E.  Remember that. Also, Ping Of Han became Emperor of China in 1 B.C.E.  What else happened?  I don’t know.  I would have to do further research, perhaps.

What of 5778?  The Tanakh doesn’t state how old the earth is.  5778 is merely the result of ongoing theological theory.

The scientists are pretty close in regards to the 4.5 billion year age attribute to earth.

So, what of 2018?  In a billion years it will be 1,000,002,018.

Time isn’t that important, anyway.  The moment is the truth.

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