Don’t Worry, It’s Not Socialism

We just have to take care of our impoverished, our orphans, and our hungry.  Plus, I have to make sure our animals have proper care, and many zoos may need to be adjusted.

Should the tax rate go up to 67.125%, it’ll be temporary.  After a few years, when our land slowly becomes utopia, it’ll be 56.371%.  Over the years, we’ll meet France’s criteria of 34.43%.  Should God get angry at people’s spoiled attitudes about life, and he never gets angry, it’ll be hiked to 47.15%.

By the 2050’s, it’ll be 15.0002% to 7.456121% for all eternity.  Since, I’m supposed to be another wealthy arsehole, I’ll chip in perhaps 18.3121% to 17.1000003%.  Eventually, 16.90002% by the 2090’s, considering I’ll want a taste of nirvana, as well.

This is another example of prophecy at its finest.



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