It’s Up To God, Dear People

Obviously, I’m writing a few pages here and there.  Give or take, a day or two at most.  So, I have time to hear certain messages from naysayers.

I’m not going to build a temple to prove a point.  That’s up to God.  If it doesn’t happen, then so be it.  Maybe there will be no temple, unless Ezekiel 40 is referring to a future entertainment centre?  Our children can play there until they turn 21 forever, and then the old fogies will attack the pinball machines they once wielded back in the ’40s, after God restores their vigor of youth.

I cannot heal people.  I’m not Jesus, and he didn’t live long enough to fix the rest of my receding hairline.  Otherwise, I would hold more faith in that chap.  If he were really God, he would have been powerful enough to escape death, and perhaps tamed those quarreling Romans back then.  However, God promised the 21st century is it.  David will sit with the rest of you, waiting for that moment when “he” heals the world.

Yet, God says to do something interesting in the meantime.  Future is future.

Also, I’m not going to provide evidence that I hold the correct lineage.  It’s impossible, unless I partake some genetic testing to prove that Solomon (1 Chronicles 28) is my great-grandfather in the 39th (or who knows which) power.  Perhaps, Solomon will return for us to do some DNA paternity testing?  Fine. I’ll attempt!  Although, it might not be accurate, considering genes evolve over the years.

And God says I am of that lineage.  I’m Jewish, too, like Solomon.  So, that helps.

Fortunately, the Tanach doesn’t state you have to believe in the King Messiah to go to heaven.  That would be cruel for God to do something like that, as “he’s” about kindness.  So, Jesus didn’t know what he was talking about, anyway.

I think it’s good when people can wonder about me, because they will have hope about great joy in the coming of days, and I want to play some pinball too.

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