On Manners

Store clerks should grab drinking bottles from its body, rather than by the top.  The reason is we drink from there.

When going to the bathroom, make sure you wash your hands after you’re through.  It only takes a minute, so it shouldn’t be a big ruckus.  You have to remember people sometimes greet each other by handshake.

Flush the loo at all times.  No one wants to see body fluids.

At the store a few weeks ago, I saw an obese lady with pants on that was too small.  Considering she may have recently gained weight, she will have to go for another round of shopping for proper-fitted clothes.

Use your fork, spoon or chopsticks to grab the food.  Use a fork in one hand and chopsticks, if you SERIOUSLY have trouble putting the spaghetti in your mouth without the use of your fingers.

Thank you, and have a good one!


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