What To Do With Drunk Drivers

Well, the rule is to avoid getting drunk.  Alcohol is not a form of medication, and you can always make an appointment with the physician if there is some type of compounding difficulty.  Otherwise, exercise perhaps 45 minutes a day.  Even with the prescription, exercise anyway.   You need that for your peace of mind.

Also, opiates shouldn’t be used about 96.25% of the time.  Perhaps, you went to the emergency room after a skateboarding accident, and received morphine.  Right, maybe that was just for a few days, and that’s all.

If you really want a fix of something, then smoke a cigarette or two perhaps every 3.5 to 5 days as previously mentioned.  Or listen to delicious-sounding music, and be sure to eat fun, yet healthy meals so that way you won’t get frustrated with life.

Order some ginseng tea if need be.  The Korean strain is supposed to be the best, and avoid the American version.  Three times a month at most, as it’ll help you unwind.  You don’t need it every day, for the same reason you don’t need wine too frequently.

Gingko biloba can also help with mood and energy, and make sure you look for a viable brand before purchasing a bottle.  You may take it once every 16 to 24 days, so remind yourself of the expiration date.  God says to toss it out after 12 months, as the herb won’t be at its prime by then.

Also, make sure you get drink some caffeinated coffee in the mornings.  Add some cream and sweetener, unless you want it black.  And you can drink two, if you wish.   The drink will help your mind feel clearer, improve your mood, and likewise feel a nice burst of energy.

And finally, don’t forget to exercise.  It’s the best remedy there is.

Enjoy your walk!

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