Hugh Hefner Did The Right Thing

I’m not referring to that bloody American rag with its captivating articles, albeit renowned for its alluring nude centerfold models.  I glanced at its archives, and was able to find a fabulous interview with Sir Woody Allen.  Yet, that’s not the reason for this topic.

Back in the 1960’s, during the American civil rights period, Sir Hefner spoke of losing much of Playboy’s revenue to the bigoted south, and somewhat the publication in its entirety.  The reason was that he insisted on including black notables, such as Miles Davis and Muhammad Ali to be interviewed.  Also, some its clubs were integrated, and had comedians like Dick Gregory share all with the crowd.  As early as 1959, Hefner hosted black musicians such as Dizzie Gillespie at the Playboy Jazz Festival.

When Sir Hefner returns to the world, he will continue to keep his writings enticing enough to keep us intrigued.  He’s uncertain if he will return to the Playboy Mansion, as he wants to try different things, yet he will keep that connection with some of the magnificent ladies around us.

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