A Reference To Animal Protein

People ask me why I’m eating pork, and the reason is it’s not unhealthy, nor is shellfish.  God knows we have to eat animal products in order to stay nourished, so sticking with perhaps a tofu vegetable noodle dish for dinner can only leave you drained, and is inadequate at best.

If you live in regular society, like I do, I can give you a list of meats and fishes you can appreciate.  I would not worry about the list if you’re a gatherer-hunter in some tribe such as Congo or Brazil, since God knows you have to do the best possible.  Also, sometimes ranchers have to hunt on their own, considering they may reside many kilometres from the market.

God says to eat chicken eggs, cow’s milk, beef, chicken, pork., and fish such as tuna, salmon, cod for the most part.  There are other animal types that are approvable, yet are wiser to limit to perhaps a five times a year at best, such as bison, boar, lamb and elk.  I would avoid goat, kangaroo, veal, mutton, venison, rabbit, horse, shark, and ostrich if possible.  I would not eat any type of reptile or insect, either, as there’s really no health benefit to having those.  Turkey isn’t really up to par as well, yet some people indulge during winter feasts, so perhaps once a year at most is fine.  I would withdraw from eating reptile or insect, as they may do in Mexico, the Philippines or Africa.


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