How To Move On

Upon hearing of my King status, someone implied that he was a negligent person.  Well, then move on, sir lad.  Why bother indulging in the wrong things, when there is so much out there to do.

Here’s a list of hobbies I’d like to further try, that are perhaps interesting to engage in:

Acting     Architecture    Biking    Bridge    Camping    Composing Music    DJ

Fantasy Sports    Film Making    Geneaology     Golf     Hiking    Inline Skating

Karaoke   Kayaking    Magic Tricks    Painting    Photography    Pottery   Reading Novels

Record Collecting    River Rafting    Sailing   Scrabble   Scuba Diving    Scrabble

Skiing    Snowboarding    Spanish    Synthesizer   Tennis    Traveling    Trivia Games

Weekend Trips    Wine Tasting

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