The Future Of Restaurants

Sometimes, when I go out for some grub, I feel the plates can be sometimes too ordinary.  So, God told me to look up Zagat’s guide, as well as Harden’s of London.  They both use  grades which cover food quality, service, as well as atmosphere.  Their applied rating is from 0 to 5, and it’s relatively common to see a 2 which is considered to be typical.  God wants people to enjoy dining, and should not be obliged to spend funds on items that are deemed too commonplace, which would otherwise be a regular meal at home.  “He” wants all cafés and diners to appeal to everyone fully, rather than fret over maintaining business.  Obviously, when the customers are pleased, the restaurants will continue to prevail, and God will help them out.  It will become utopia, likewise, and the 35 to 50 hour work week will become 12 to 18.

God wants the former rating scale of Zagat’s to be applied.  They used a 0 to 30 grade chart for food, decor, and service.  16 to 17 will be the minimum, especially for regular come and go joints such as Denny’s, Patty & Bun and Prêt A Manger.  The more pricy dining fares, however, are suggested to top that scale, which is 18 to 19 at the basic level.

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