The Future Of Hate Groups

In the coming of days is Utopia the Magnificent, so God wants people to let go of sore issues, and learn to get along.  Perhaps, you belong to Blood & Honour, Great Millstone, Patriotic Youth League, or Britain First?  You will have to learn to accept your future of having different friends and marriages from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds, so try not to espouse your difficulties in public view, the way Bashar al-Assad, Louis Farrakhan or Varg Vikernes does.

That’s one of the reasons why I listed my hobbies, because there is so much else to do. Because we’ll have great times being with others, and also when God ushers in world peace, befriending the Javan Rhinoceros or Siberian Tiger will be a sight to behold.

Hate only eats up at your core, and you won’t need to live in that realm much longer.  So, unleash them in healthier channels, as previously explained.

Here’s another sample “hate” poem I just wrote, and you can try your own.

I hate white
I hate black
I hate Chinese
I don’t like Malaysia either
Where is Malaysia anyway?
I don’t care
I do like some Chinese food however,
I still don’t like China
I don’t like Malaysia-san either
But I want to go to Thailand

I hate travel I hate everything
Although, I like some Chinese food
Where is Malaysia anyway?
Who cares
I hate hate hat hate hate hate

Yeah, I hate everything
I hate white
I hate black
I’m bored

So, I’ll travel anyway
Because life sucks
I hate everything everything
But not all the time

I still want to go to Thailand
And eat some Chinese food

Hate hate hate hate
I’m angry
But not all the time
Because life sucks


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