How To Eat In Heaven

It is possible in about 10 to 15 years from now, we’ll be indulging in delicious, yet modest meals throughout the day.  Eating foods will continue to be health-based, as we’ll always need to feel refreshed and lucid forever.  However, God will want us to have fun eating various items, without brooding over caloric intake, so it’s possible we’ll be taking in 2650 to 3375 per day.

God knows chomping on our favourites will vary between men and women, yet we’ll both delight on the best equally.  Men will need beef and other animal proteins more, whereas women will not need to digest as many calories, and will rely on milk products more.  Both will continue to eat fruits, vegetables, and some grains relatively even par.

Here is Monday, April 30 of the year 2037 with the meal plan for John:


2 eggs, scrambled. 2 slices of rye toast w’ butter. 140g glass of orange juice. 1 mug 225g coffee with cream and teaspoon sugar.

God wants people to remain nourished throughout the day, as we won’t be relying on vitamins and other dietary supplements such as nutrition bars, so we will enjoy a snack between each meal.

Morning Snack:

Snickers bar.


Roast beef sandwich.  Potato salad.  1 glass 225g Lilt.

Afternoon snack:

Small bag of nacho cheese chips.  Lime spritzer with minimal sweetener-types.  (We can’t eat too much sugar throughout the day or we will feel too revved, yet we will be content nonetheless.)


BBQ Pork chop, 250g.  Moderate-sized cole slaw.  Onion roll.  1 glass punch 225g.

And, we will be able to indulge in desserts every now and then.  God will want us to wait about an hour after the evening feast for rest purposes.


Apple cobbler, 225g.

John’s love partner, Jill, will often dine with him, has her unique plan as well:


1 egg yolk, 2 egg white omelette.  Fruit mix cup.  125g glass of orange juice.  175g mug of ginger tea.

Morning snack:

125g of Cherry yogurt.


Chinese chicken salad.  175g glass mineral water with lemon.

Afternoon snack:

Gummy bears, maybe 8 pieces.  (Yes, God knows it’s for brain nutrition enhancement.)

Dinner:  (Perhaps, she’ll eat with John that night.)

125g pork chop, with lemon-squeezed oil.  Moderate-to-minimal sized cole slaw.  Onion roll.  175g glass of J2O.


175g bowl of Lemon sorbet.





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